18.05.2015 - The wait is over!

On the 6th of June is the day: our mini-album will see the light of day!
You can stream or download the four songs at bandcamp and preorder the CD right there.
If you prefer iTunes or Amazon you should find the songs there soon.

Meanwhile the pressing plant is whirling and we are waiting for a pile of CDs to feed your hungry ears.
We have spared no efforts and put the 30 minutes of doom pearls into a nice package.

We still hope to determine some live dates before we have lost our hearing completely by rehearsing at 130dB.

See you! Somehow, somewhere, sometime!

24.02.2015 - The end is near!

After months of deafening noise in the widths of the doom ocean our 4-song wreck will soon be washed ashore to be picked up as jetsam by pinched souls.

Under high pressure we work on the last edges of this harsh piece of musical heaviness!

Meanwhile we welcome you to our new website. It will take some more weeks to finally force our riffs into your frozen ears!
We hope to determine some more live dates soon. So far we can offer you one.

Vile world, here we come!